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ENERGY Gift (prototype) (2014)



We attended Design Festival “TIDE (Thailand Innovation and Design Expo)2014” on September 2014 in Thailand. Our ENERGY Gift was carried all solar equipment (8 modules, battery set and frame) in the 10’ container, and spent only few hours to assemble the system at the location.

This system achieves energy supply in poor area or remote site, and it fits any environment, purposes and cultures. It would be used as medical clinic, irrigation system, industry, community center and residence etc.

We had visitor who collaborate this project with us.
Left: Kentaro Taki (SPACEVALUE Co.,Ltd.) Right: Tomohide Hirashima (Green Energy Distribution Pte. Ltd.)

We re-located “ENERGY Gift” to KMUTT campus after the Design Show.
Our first prototype with 8 solar module system generates 4800kWh/day in maximum. (Please see our video or PDF Catalog about this capacity of its electricity)
And we are going to install this project in Thailand by the end of 2015.

We have found a new partner, Mr.Usa (clean energy engineer) at KMUTT. He is the professor from Clean Energy System Integration Laboratory, KMUTT. He and our design team will work together for

Dr.Usa Boonbumroong
Clean Energy System Integration Laboratory
Pilot Plant Development and Training Institute (PDTI)

We are looking for the supporters of this project!
Please contact us, if you are interested in our activity.



左:瀧健太郎さま(SPACEVALUE Co.,Ltd.) 右:平嶋知英さま(Green Energy Distribution Pte. Ltd.)



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