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NEST (2014)

Natural Energy Sustainable Treehouse
Minimize the load and damage for tree and its environment


Tree House is a place for people by human work in the nature. We wanted to create a place that you can fully benefit from the nature in the Komoro’s beautiful landscape.
The form of our NEST doesn’t look like the existence in the nature, but the structure of it is extremely natural and light that does not put a burden for trees as much as possible. It looks like a cobweb. The main structure is the 9mm stainless steel tension wires between six trees, and floor and ceiling made by high-intensity and high-weatherable polyethylene mesh are supported the wires.
Also we developed the new photovoltaic cell with Sphelar Power Corporation, that consist of tiny spherical shaped cells enclosed in hexagonal FRP panel. It generates electricity for the tree house below and looks like a flower on a tree. We can use this electricity for a hot water dispenser, lights and charging cellular phones. In this nest / NEST as wrapped up with a little pleasure can be performed in the nature that are like the usual commonplace in everyday life, and enter into it, relaxing a time while feeling natural I think that if you can spend.


Client:公益財団法人 安藤スポーツ・食文化振興財団 ANDO Foundation
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